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Peter performs lead vocals on "Rock and Go" with Blue Man Group
on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Peter Moore has toured five continents performing as a vocalist and/or keyboardist for Blue Man Group, Think Tree, Tanya Donnelly, and Bleu, to name a few. He’s comfortable performing in small clubs, 10,000-seat arenas, or in front of millions as he has on network TV shows such as The Tonight Show. Other than fronting his current band, Count Zero, Peter currently enjoys sharing his talents with John Powhida International Airport, Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins, and The Handymen for live local and regional performances.

His talents can be heard on:
  • Blue Man Group The Complex Rock Tour Live (Lava Records, RIAA-certified Platinum)
  • Bleu Redhead (Aware Records)
  • Spiderman Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sony Pictures)
  • Sarah Rabdau and Self-Employed Assassins Free as Thieves (Outside Over There)
  • John Powhida International Airport Airport Life (JPX)
  • Think Tree eight/thirteen (SineAppleSap Records) and Like The Idea (Caroline Records)
  • Count Zero (four full length releases on SineAppleSap Records)
Peter Moore - PERFORMER Selected Work


Private Work - Password Available Upon Request
Contact Peter Moore: (617) 869-4249 •

Blue Man Group

Toured and recorded as lead vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, Chapman Stick player.

Fantasia - Music Evolved


Performed keys, drums, bass, guitar, vocals etc. for interactive and programmatic music recordings in myriad styles (pop, classical, classic rock, ambient, alternative) for video game.

Count Zero

Lead vocalist and guitarist on stage (North American tours), and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in studio.

Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins

Keyboardist, background vocalist, lead guitarist for celebrated singer-songwriter.

John Powhida International Airport

Keyboardist and backing vocalist on stage and in studio.


Keyboardist and backing vocalist on stage and in studio.

Hermits of Mink Hollow

Keyboardist, lead, and backing vocalist for Todd Rundgren tribute band.

Tanya Donnelly

Backing vocalist and keyboardist.

Musical Theater

Sang and acted in various Boston Rock Opera productions, notably: Sorrow in The Pretty Things' SF Sorrow, Tramp in The Kinks' Preservation, Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar, Kurt in Crackpot Notion, Narrator in Small Faces' Happines Stan

The Wall

Played lead role of "Pink" in stage adaptation of Pink Floyd's The Wall.